New Latino Arts Project Museum Redefines Latino Culture

31 de mayo de 2019

The Latino Arts Project is Dallas’ latest effort to push Latino culture to the forefront of the conversation in a city with an ever-growing Hispanic population.

The Latino Arts Project is all about passion, not profit, in seeking a shared humanity — in Dallas

18 de abril de 2019

The Latino Arts Project is a museum, not a gallery. And the difference is crucial.

Galleries dominate Dragon Street, but the difference is, galleries are driven by profit.

The Latino Arts Project is driven by passion — not profit. The artwork on its walls and floor will not be sold. Instead, it will serve as the driving force of a philosophical mission shared by two men who talk endlessly about art, culture and community, and a shared humanity in Dallas. 

Don’t Call the Latino Arts Project a Museum. That might give you the wrong idea.

Julio de 2019

Latino Arts Project is a family-friendly space with free admission on Sundays, programming for children and adults, and dynamic exhibitions that highlights the various forms of the Latino arts.