The First-Of-Its-Kind “Pop-Up” Museum

Latino Arts Project was created to bring meaningful and unique art experiences in both traditional and innovative spaces.

"Our aim is to promote a greater understanding of Latino art, history and culture through exhibitions and community programs." - Jorge Baldor, Founder 2019

Current Exhibition

La Frontera: The Border

March 15 – July 31

Irving Archive Museum

Different Venues, Same Mission

Welcome to the Latino Arts Project, where art becomes a powerful vessel for cultural expression and community engagement. As a non-profit 501(c)(3) 'pop-up' museum, we are dedicated to delivering multicultural exhibits and dynamic community programming that transcends boundaries and fosters understanding.

Our unique approach involves creating exhibit settings that ensure each experience is distinctive and thought-provoking. By blending art with educational initiatives, we strive to make our programming accessible, and with bilingual (Spanish) content, resonating with community members, local schools, and universities alike.

At the heart of our mission is an educational focus that goes beyond the visual impact of art. We invite you into deeper narratives by hosting acclaimed national and internationally recognized experts in art, history, and culture for our Art Talk lecture series. These sessions enrich the exhibit experience, providing context and insight that spark meaningful conversations.

Explore the intersections of culture, history, and creativity with us as we celebrate the diverse voices that shape our world. Latino Arts Project brings the power of art to bridge gaps, evoke emotions, and inspire change.